Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 8 Blogs I Enjoy Reading Everyday


8 Blogs I Enjoy Reading Everyday

I absolutely love meeting new bloggers and finding new blogs to enjoy reading. I've pulled together seven of my go to every day blogs that if they're not on your reader they really need to be. 

1. Not Entirely Perfect
Yes I realize Stephanie is one of my non-blogland really good friends but seriously even if I lived halfway around the world I'd still enjoy reading her witty lists and learning from her organizing prowess. Seriously if you need organization she will whip you into shape!

2. Rhyme and Ribbons
I linked up with Amanda forever ago now and we bonded over the fact that we're sorority sisters. I love reading all her different posts about England and her travels around the country (pretty sure I'm living vicariously at this point). Plus she's a fabulous baker!

A Steph I met through Stephanie, Steph is a fabulous combination of humor and sarcasm. My favorite posts of hers are her "Shit MFD Said" posts. Kevin and him would get along soooo well haha.

4. Daily Tay
Taylor is a Nebraska to Chicago transplant who takes you through her journey in stand up comedy and being a 20 something in the Windy City. 

5. Thekittchen
If you couldn't tell my theme by now, I'm a big fan of my local bloggers and Kit is no exception. She's all over the Chicago food world with her recipes along with sharing her delicious looking photos and reviews of local eateries. 

I met Chelsee way back when I started blogging. A sweetheart who shares a more easy going make up style and tips (which I can actually follow!) Chelsee has you covered. Plus she hosts some pretty awesome giveaways!

7. Making Sense of Cents
In my recent endeavors to try and whip our adult selves into shape I find myself trying to make sure and read Michelle's sound advice every day. She shares everything financial from house stuff to credit cards and makes it so much simpler than many do.  

8. Life With a Side of Coffee
Christine is another killer Chicago lifestyle blogger I've met along the way. She and I have been talking more and more about the back end of blogging in the Windy City plus my favorite is her new recipe series. Yes I'm a food photo addict!

Now that I've introduced you to my elite 8, who would be on your list?

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