Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Girl Groups: 1970's


Girl Groups: 1970's

Like many aspects of music in the 1970's the girl groups took somewhat of a hit, wavering and moving downhill throughout the decade. The 70's are just a dark time for music in general. During the 70's the matching outfits of the 60's turned into space suits and far out looks. LaBelle was definitely one of these early groups to transition.

Lady Marmalade by LaBelle

We Are Family by Sister Sledge

Things weren't all pop and disco during the 1970's though, inspired by the start of punk, girl bands with all girl musicians and bands with girl lead singers started becoming the norm.

Cherry Bomb by the Runaways

Here's looking forward to the resurrection of the girl group and the continual rise of the girl band in the 80's!

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