Musings of a Museum Fanatic: What Are we Going to Think About This Friday ...


What Are we Going to Think About This Friday ...

... the same thing we think about every Friday.

Every Friday rolls around and I some how find myself thinking the same thoughts over and over again. One would think that by now I'd realize how some these thoughts pan out but nope I still have them every week! Almost without fail every Friday my thoughts seem to scatter so today let's spend some time in my Friday brain. There is a lot of crazy thrown in with work.

- Woo it's 8am time to work.

- Man I've been working for forever now it has to be almost break time. 8:45?! what?!

- Oh good Stephanie is finally on Gchat work day can commence.

- Why is the former director asking me how to "Save As" a document again. Seriously this is getting ridiculous. I feel like I should be worried that she can't remember this simple computer task.

- Oooo Pinterest!

- It's finally time to go upstairs and check the mail. What reason do I have to pop into IT and chat with my work friends today?

- Dang I really need a blog post for today. It's Friday though I should just relax. Betsy you didn't post last night you need one for tonight.

- Lunch time! Awesome there are good leftovers from a conference group. Saving part of my lunch for Monday.

- UGH computer come on! All I want to do is edit these 100 huge photo files is that really too much to ask??

- Yes, it clearly was too much to ask. I apologize I'll work on something else for a while while you come off your hissy fit.

- I should read and comment on some blogs. HOLY COW! How did my Bloglovin get up to 298?! Oh hmmm I guess I haven't read the past couple of days have I?

- Man an hour and a half still seriously? Everyone else in my department just got to leave. Maybe some day I'll be salaried and can do that too. Ha.

- Hey look I took care of 1/2 of one of the piles on my desk aaaaaand someone brought in 3 more boxes of donations. Awesome.

- 10 minutes left yesssss. I didn't take my whole break I can pack up early and chat with Brian for a few minutes.

- Weekend!

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