Musings of a Museum Fanatic: May 2015


Loyola University Museum of Art

Last month I was able to pop into the Loyola University Museum of Art or LUMA on their free day. This Streeterville museum has been on my list to visit for quite a while now but I'm always downtown on a weekend and don't get to take advantage of the free day.

This small art museum is one floor permanent exhibit and one floor temporary exhibits. Last month the temporary exhibit was about Shakers as a religon and their furniture on display. Unfortunately you're not allowed to take photos in that exhibit, most likely because of the religious nature of the exhibit, so I don't have too many to share regarding that part. Overall that exhibit was really interesting, I knew a bit about who Shakers are and their beliefs but really got to find out more details. The balance between giving background and history while displaying the furniture in a beautiful and artistic manner. 

The permanent exhibit at LUMA is the Gilded Glory: European Treasures from the Martin D’Arcy, S.J. Collection, of medieval artifacts and art. Honestly this was a bit unexpected although I guess I wasn't sure what to expect haha. I loved this exhibit! The history person in me was jumping for joy. There are not many places where one can see these types of artifacts here in the US. I won't bore you with a lot of words since a photo is worth a thousand!

While the LUMA might be a half day type museum it is definitely worth the trip! I would highly suggest pairing it with one of the historical mansions you can visit in River North for a day of fun.

Getting there: Right off Michigan and Chicago there are a ton of public transportation options for getting there. I personally would recommend that instead of driving since the Streeterville area  parking can be pricey.
Cost: Tuesday is always free. General Admission $8


The Who Part One

One of the most influential and important rock bands to come out of the 1960's, The Who are one of my favorite bands. Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend and John Entwistle,three of the four found members, grew up in Acton, London and went to Acton County Grammar School together. During their second year Townshend and Entwistle formed a jazz band, even though they played jazz both were very much in love with rock and roll. Entwistle first attempted the guitar but soon moved on to learning the bass. Daltrey, who was in the year above them, was soon in trouble and actually expelled from the school at age 15.

Daltrey formed the Detours, the Who's predecessor band, in 1959. It was as if by divine intervention, one day Entwistle with bass in hand encountered Daltrey on the street and was invited to join the Detours along with Townshend. The starting line up was Townshend as a guitarist, Daltrey on lead guitar, Entwistle on bass, Harry Wilson on drums, and Colin Dawson on vocals. The next few years involved a few changes in the line up until they finally landed on the idea of Daltrey as lead vocals and having only one guitarist. Early in 1964 it came to their attention that another group was named Johnny Devlin and the Detours. This prompted a late night brain storm between Townshend and his roommate, with The Who being one of their ideas. When brought to Daltrey the next day, he picked The Who.

They had already succeeded in getting a regular schedule of gigs, which included playing at a number of local hotels. Their new manager, Helmut Gorden, thought that the drumming could be improved. When Townshend told current drummer, Doug Sandom, to shape up or ship out he did not take it well. In fact after he left Sandom did not speak to Townshend for fourteen years afterwards. Keith Moon worked as a fill in for The Who during this transition time and they asked him to stay as their permanent drummer. The Who also went through another manager, who in an attempt to maximize on the growing Mod movement changed their name to the High Numbers and put out a single "Zoot Suit"/"I'm the Face"

Needless to say this didn't go over very well and they reverted back to The Who and replaced their manager again! While all this crazy was happening the band was really honing in on their signature stage moves. Daltrey started using his microphone cable as a whip on stage, Moon would perform drumstick acrobatics and Townshend was starting to using his now iconic windmill arm move. During another performance after an accident involving Townshend's guitar and the audience's excited response The Who's destructive performance stage act was born.

By the end of 1964 they had built a following and were brought to the attention of The Kinks producer, Shel Talmy. Their early hit "I Can't Explain" was quickly recorded and became big on the pirate radio stations in the UK. Their next single "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" after a bumpy start because of it's unconventional sound found it's way to the UK top ten. While on tour early in 1965 they encountered issues with Daltrey, who was sacked for a little while until he was brought back with the condition that the band was now a democracy. Their next hit "My Generation" (one of my favorite songs) was released after being changed from a slower blues tune to the upbeat dynamic song we know now. Releasing the album by the same name later in 1965, which was followed by a fallout with Talmy which ended their recording contract.

1966 was plagued by more band conflict, another top ten hit with "Happy Jack" and the decline of the mod movement, which meant more competition from bands like The Jimi Hendrix Experience. It was also the year that The Who jumped the pond and had their first U.S. appearances, the biggest of them being the Monterey Pop Festival. Next up was opening for Herman's Hermits during their U.S. tour. Let's just say during this tour the band didn't keep their destructive show only to the stage. Many a hotel room found itself the trashed after their stay. The Who Sell Out , their next album featuring "I Can See For Miles" and mini rock opera "Rael" released in 1967.

The next year after gaining more attention The Who started on their next album. With Townshend being very influenced by his new found interest in Meher Baba's, an Indian spiritual master, teachings Tommy was born. The album's release was then pushed back until the spring of 1969 because Townshend wanted to make sure the story was told with enough complexity. Tommy has some of my favorite Who songs, which includes the video below.

A massive hit, Tommy sold over 200,000 in it's first several weeks. Late in the summer of 1969 The Who played two of the biggest festivals of the 60's, Woodstock and the Isle of Wight Festival. At this point in their career they were on top of the rock band heap. During their Tommy tour they decided to record their first live album which ended up being Live at Leeds.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Blog

Spring is in the air! We all know it means time for some spring cleaning around the house and your blog should be the same way!

Social Media check up ... Are all the names the same? If not take some time to clean up and change your handles to the same name. It makes it soooo much easier for people to find and follow you. Although double check to make sure you're not in a giveaway or something because that will mess things up ... I know this one from experience

To follow or not to follow ... Look through your following list. Check to see the last time everyone posted. Do you have multiple people who have fallen off the internets and haven't posted since January? Unfollow.

About Me Page ... What does your about me page and blurbs say? Did you have a big event happen like say a 30th birthday that puts you out of the 20 something category. Do a quick update of those type of things. Bonus points if you sit down and actually update the entire thing. It's good to reevaluate and do this once and a while.

Fix your dates ... No I don't mean that guy you went out with last week. I mean the date stamp on your blog posts. Nothing drives me more nuts when I can't figure out the last time someone posted to see if they've actually posted this month or if someone refers to a post from this past April 14th and yet when I look in April none of the posts have dates so I have to scroll through the entire month.

Make some If This Than That recipes ...  I had heard about If This Than That a while ago but didn't really pay attention. A few weeks ago I decided I should actually look at what I could do with it. Well let me tell you there are  some awesome things. How it works is you connect it to your social media and then make up recipes that the website will post for you.

One example is you can write a recipe for your blog. If you post a new blog post then it shares the title of said post on twitter. Get it? if This Than That ... Yeah ... I figured out recently that with ITTT you can have it share when you post on Instagram on twitter but it will look like you wrote it through twitter. In other words it actually shares the photo not just saying you posted on Instagram with a link. I think that alone makes it worthwhile to set up some recipes on ITTT!

Hopefully these couple of spring cleaning suggestions will help you get pumped for spring and summer on your blog!! What is your best spring cleaning tip on the blog?


5 Clothing Trends That Need To Die

Every decade seems to have it's terrible fashion trends and we are definitely no exception! Although it seems lately that we have to bring back other decade's mistakes and try to have a go at them a second time. 

Tribal everything - what can a girl do to get a clean classic look these days??  I go shopping with the mindset my kingdom for a plain color top. Don't get me wrong I love prints but I'm not 22 half the tribal looks would put me in the "eek how old does she think she is" category.  So many of the prints just look ghastly too. Their either way overdone, don't flatter the wearer or look cheap.

Palazzo and gaucho pants - these too get lumped in together since its the mama version and it's terrible capri length offspring. Another look that is just NOT flattering on most of the world. Why should I pay to wear something that makes me look frumpy? Granted my current dress pants are going that route but that's because I have lost over 20 pounds and it cost more to have them tailored than I paid for them.

Harem pants - I feel like this was one of those trends that should be left in an MC Hammer video and even then eek! No one wants to see the likes of Justin beiber looking like he needs his diaper changed.

Crop tops - All the rage in the 90's and sported by some of my favorite teenage idols ... Kelly Kapowski anyone? Does anyone over the age of 22 really need to be showing off skin like that? Ehhh questionable. Half the time I feel like the top just isn't flattering either. My theory with any trend is it flattering why are you even wearing it?!

Rompers - I feel like it looks really cute on like 2% of the population and terrible on everyone else. I am definitely NOT one of that 2%. Do people who wear them just never go to the bathroom? Seriously it would be terrible with all the water I drink and the natural amount I use the restroom as a result I'd be naked half the day. Plus it makes me nuts when I see a super cute maxi dress in the store and run up and it's a darn romper!

Oh fashion I will probably never get you!


Choose Your Own Adventure [Link Up]

Not Entirely Perfect

Aw yeah! It's that time again! New goals time! It's so funny the past couple of years I am so in to so many adult things like goals and wanting to be super organized. Being an adult is dumb but I love it! Most of the time ha.

April - Finances
1. Go through financial drop files (once their unpacked) and get rid of old papers we don't need.
2. Meal plan for one whole week according to the sale flyer
3. Deposit change jar in the bank

Heck yeah! I rocked out last month. Checked off every single one of those bad boys and then some. Although I ended up meal planning/stock up shopping that week because of the really awesome sale prices so it was more than I was planning on spending but it was the kind of trip where then I don't need to buy certain items for at least a few months. 

May - Read
1. Read two books I own that can then be put in the garage sale. This is my goal not just for this month but up until we actually have the garage sale. There are so many books I purchased from places like the Barnes and Noble bargain shelves that I just actually really want to read but then can get rid of.

2. Read and comment on 15 blogs every other day.

3. Read every week night before bed for at least 15 minutes.


Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Today Kevin and I are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary! We decided that since we finally just went for it and booked Houston/Dallas trip this July that would be our anniversary present to each other. Tonight is very low key and we finally had the Omaha steaks his uncle Mike gave us for Christmas. They were wonderful ... and that totally counts as leather right?

I shared the details of our wedding day last year. I feel like I've been saying this a lot lately at the big moments but seriously time is flying! It seems sort of silly but I enjoy going every now and then and looking at our wedding day photos and just remembering the good times with friends and family. While I do love the fancy posed ones I think the kooky spur of the moment photos are more us!

 Happy Anniversary my wonderful husband!!!!!


Inspirations for Your Weekend

One of my favorite parts about the rise of images, ecards and gifs online is the myriad of inspiration that can come from said images. Now some of these might be more appropriate for your Monday back at work but let's just not think about Monday for now OK? OK!

Now that we're all thoroughly inspired go out and do amazing things!!! Or hang out at home in your pajamas all weekend. It's you're weekend I don't care! Have a good one!