Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Elevate Mobile Fitness' 14 Days to Fit Lifestyle Jumpstart


Elevate Mobile Fitness' 14 Days to Fit Lifestyle Jumpstart

**I was give an premium membership free of charge to review. All opinions are mine alone.**

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity through the Windy City Blogger Collective to check out an online tool for your fitness, Elevate Mobile Fitness and the 14 Days to Fit Lifestyle Jumpstart. 14 Days to Fit is a two-week motivational program to really help get you and your fitness journey started.

Mariah, a certified personal trainer & yoga instructor, realized that many diseases, especially chronic ones, could be avoided just by having better nutrition and more exercise. In response to this revelation she developed a motivational program that helps to bridge that gap of you know the information now do it. The program is perfect when you're on the go and trying to fit just a little bit into your schedule.  

I was lucky enough to try out the Premium version but if you'd like to check it out first there is a free version as well. With the Premium version you get access to all 14 motivational videos, plus the following: daily text message workout reminders, a full-length workout video, and two special video trainings on the topics of “Fast-Tracking Healthy Meal-Planning and Prep,” and “Eating Healthy on the Go”

Lately it seems like I'm always running around doing something and I never have time to focus on myself or my fitness/weight loss goals. The videos in the 14 Days to Fit premium version were perfect. They were short and to the point. I was able to take time and watch them along with doing most of the quick little homework assignments! I don't use Facebook for this type of group thing so for me I would personally prefer another way to connect, with those groups I always find I miss everything worth seeing and don't ever get the right notifications. For me the videos and the homework were great tools.

I actually ended up having my husband be my accountability buddy instead of the group. This was great for him too since he's needed some motivation lately as well. Without sharing too much of Mariah's good motivation I thought the videos gave good motivation and had enough practical approach to be put into action very easily. We both thought the easy steps that Mariah lays out in the videos were easy to follow and, probably the most important part, maintain!!

One part I really enjoyed was the 20 minute workout. It was simple and you didn't need any equipment! That was my favorite part. I would love to have more of the workout aspect connected to the motivational part. Simple moves that can be added each day or something like that. One other issue I had was not with the content but the videos themselves, the way the video was taped and the music playing over the video made it a little hard to hear what was being said at times.

Overall I really enjoyed the 14 Days to Fit Lifestyle Jumpstart. The motivational videos really did the trick and have got me going again with my fitness. I'll be repeating the process again just to keep it up that's for sure. You should definitely check it out!

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