Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Five Updates on Friday


Five Updates on Friday

1. My computer is still out of commission. We thought my brother might have fixed it but things are still not working. He is going to format it this weekend and see how things go. Hopefully sometime next week I'll be back fully! Until then I'm furiously writing during break at work and commandeering Kevin's computer when I can, trying to be nice and share since he's job searching.

2. Totally rocking out my new 101 list!! Finished up two tasks within the first month and a half woot woot! Have half a dozen, at least, that I've made good progress on too. Really enjoyed Harry Potter (which I knew I would) now I'm going to go back and watch the movies.

3. Tried out my first Pampered Chef virtual show last month and it went really well. Everyone really enjoyed the information, recipes and thoughts I and the participants were sharing. I even have an appointment to meet up with a friend who is really interested in the business, someone who I never would have thought to ask! Virtual show is perfect for people who don't have a ton of time, don't want to have to clean their house for company or like so many of my blogger friends I can't come over for a show! I'm offering a free Veggie Strip Maker to ALL hosts this fall so let me know if you're interested in hosting a virtual show.

4. Earlier in the summer I somehow got a huge stroke of luck and won a massive Nordstrom gift card through a blog giveaway. I've been eyeing the Kate Spade 'cedar street - maise' satchel for months now but ended up getting a similar purse in a color I wanted but I didn't end up liking. Been sitting on the gift card from the return for a month or so just checking nordstrom's online to see if maybe the Kate Spade purse finally was in a color I wanted. Well last week I had another stroke of luck and the purse was on sale! I ended up going with the beige color and am definitely anxiously awaiting it's arrival.

5. I might actually be a little sick of thinking about our Disney vacation. We're down to under 30 days and I am soooo ready to just be there and enjoying the trip. I don't want to have to think of planning or anything more to do with it. Just want to be there! Unfortunately that's not how things work with this trip. Luckily there only a couple more things to take care of but working with 6 adults is still giving me challenges. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of the last couple of items in the next week.

Here's hoping that next week will bring a fixed computer and packages from Nordstrom! Have a good weekend : )

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