Musings of a Museum Fanatic: I'm so Excited!!


I'm so Excited!!

Have you ever been planning something and been so excited for something that by the time you're almost there you just can function normally because of the anticipation? Being like 4 days out from the Disney trip I've been literally planning for I think year for my in laws, Kevin's brother, his wife and us I just can't seem to focus and function normally.

When said they wanted to take us on a Disney trip I was all ...

Then I started to be the one planning most of it and I got to plan awesome stuff like our hotel being Boardwalk Villas ...

Earlier in the summer I started to get really tired of all the planning ...

Then I finally got to the point where I hit my wall. Planning a big trip for 6 adults is time consuming and at times very annoying!

Now that I'm less than 4 days and everything (that I can remember!) is taken care of I'm ready to party with the Mouse!!

I apologize now if I'm a little crazy the rest of the week!! Look at this fabulous Pascal gif!

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