Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Bloggers to Sponsor Over & Over Again


Bloggers to Sponsor Over & Over Again

Sponsoring another blogger is a big deal. Unless you've won a free space on their blog (if so go you!!) you're spending money on them and the fact that they will help you promote your blog. Since starting up my blog I've won my fair amount of ad space and shelled out my own money for space. There are definitely some people who I would (and have) spend money on ad space on their blog over and over again.

Southern Beauty Guide
Chelsee is a wonderful beauty blogger. She will promote your blog, you social media and she's just a great person to get to know as well. Swaps seem to have gone the way of the dodo but Chelsee is awesome enough to still have a swap option too. 

My So Called Chaos
Angie is fantastic. When I first started out blogging she was actually one of the first people I won ad space for. The experience was great then and I just came off another stint on her blog. Another great experience.

Penniless Socialite
One of my favorite ladies and maybe the person I've sponsored the most since starting is Tara from Penniless Socialite. Her prices are great even without the discounts she offers on a regular basis and Tara is always remembering to send a shout out or comment your way. Plus her blog is fantastic, I always love her down to earth fashion ensembles.

Simply Clarke
Marquis is a sweet lifestyle blogger. I've actually never paid for a sponsorship with her since I've somehow been lucky enough to win a space multiple times but she makes it well worth what you pay for the sponsor spot. One aspect of her sponsorship that not too many bloggers have is an active Facebook group for her sponsors. It has been a great way to connect with other bloggers and to share content as well as things like get in on other giveaways.

Sea Salt Secrets
Shane is one of my favorite travel bloggers to read, her posts as she works and lives down under are amazing. Not only can you find amazing photos but you can also find an amazing blogger to work with. By now you'll see a common theme like the other ladies I've listed Shane offers social media shout outs and other perks as part of your sponsor package plus her prices won't kill your budget.

These are my top bloggers who I would sponsor again and again. Who is your favorite blogger to sponsor?

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