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Christmas Songs I Despise

Forever ago I shared a couple of my favorite Christmas songs well this week we're going to the opposite end of the spectrum!  Cause while you love some songs there are some that you just despise.  I haven't gotten a chance to talk about this artist yet but Weird Al takes the cake for my top two songs that I just really do not like.    

If you haven't heard of Weird Al before seriously go check him out he's hilarious!  He is a parody artist or a comedic musician.  He will take songs and change the words to hilariousness, he doesn't just do parodies he also does original humorous songs.  A couple of my favorites of his are actually some of his originals.

Even though I am a huge fan of him and his songs I just can't stand the Christmas ones!!

"Christmas at Ground Zero" would definitely be my choice of the two.  The premise of the song is during the Cold War when everyone though nuclear catastrophe could happen at any time and Weird Al then goes into a little more detail about when it does happen.  The song is catchy and upbeat so I will give him that but overall not his best work.

***Disclaimer: If you're not a fan of violence & violent subject matter you probably shouldn't watch the video***

"The Night Santa Went Crazy" is definitely my choice for worse Christmas song!  I've just never been a fan of gratuitous violence and this song has it.  Part of the reason I despise it is that no one wants to think of Santa going cray cray with a German lugger, we just don't.  I personally prefer him with gifts of clothes and shoes not bullets and leftover reindeer meat.  All I can think of when he talks about the reindeer is cute little Rudolph in the old stop motion classic, so sad.    

While there are quite a few terrible Christmas songs *cough cough Twisted Sister cough* Weird Al you take the cake on having the two I despise the most!!  

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