Musings of a Museum Fanatic: My 2016 To Do List


My 2016 To Do List

Like a lot of people, I really try not to put the term resolution out there with what I'm working on. I'd much prefer to call it a 2016 To Do List. That sounds so much better doesn't it? Plus who doesn't love crossing things off their to do list? I know I do!

1. My adulting. This year both Kevin and I are really going to work on a number of items in this area of our lives. Organization and finances being the two big ones. I'm participating in #minsgame this month with Stephanie (and anyone else who wants to join in!). A late night chat New Years Eve also brought about some scheduling of areas to be purged. Kevin and I decided that if we put it on our schedules we would be less likely to bum around and not do it.

We also really want to take control of our finances this year. Next month we'll be attempting a spending frost! January will be prepping for said frost. Budgeting and investing are also on our 2016 to do list.

2. Not getting sucked into time sucks. Time sucks have been a big issue for me this year. I've not only let them suck my time but also have let them get my motivation down. As you can see by my total posts from this year as opposed to the previous years! I want to stop getting distracted and putting things off and take care of them right away.

3. Stepping up my weight loss efforts. Since starting back up on Weight Watchers over a year ago I've been slowly working on my weight loss. I've lost 25.4 pounds total! Which I feel really awesome about but I know the past few months I've been allowing myself to plateau and slack. I don't want to let myself get stuck on this plateau like I have in the past, it's not a fun place and it ended up getting me really discouraged then leaded to quitting.  

4. Be more present with friends. Because of the second half of 2014, 2015 turned into the year of the family. Kevin and I really spent a ton of time with our families, which is definitely not a bad thing! Although looking back I do feel like I wasn't as present with friends as I want to be. Therefore 2016 will be the year of the friend! Instead of talk about oh the next time we get together Jackie and I will cook, no we're going to say pick a date let's plan it!

What's on your 2016 To Do list?

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