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Be Happy

Being that it's Friday I know I should probably  be more lighthearted but it's just one of those days where I have to get a little more serious. If you need a lighthearted fix today check these guys out.

Be happy. It's a really simple concept yet some days it is just really impossible to be happy. 

Especially lately for me. I feel like lately it has just been really difficult for me to be overall happy. I've been so frustrated with things like work, missing Dad, that I can't seem to get things like my Pampered Chef business and the blog going and under control. Not just that things aren't under control but they're not what I expected or worked towards.

I know that overall I have a ton to be happy about but it's really hard to see the forest through the trees. That one darn tree just totally draws the entire focus. You expect that you'll be able to chop that one tree down and get through it but first your ax breaks, then you twist your ankle, etc.

It's been difficult to find that overall happiness when those glaring sections of life just won't go the way I want or try to get them to go. sometimes it seems that you try so hard and yet stuff just still won't go right. You try to not let it affect you but again it's that damn tree that just blocks everything else.

So now that I've started babbling in my head and don't seem to make sense, I'll put the keyboard down and walk away.

What do you do when you stuck by the tree and can't break the funk?

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