Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Spring Into Goals Check Up


Spring Into Goals Check Up

I almost forgot about my spring goals but a few weeks ago Kevin mentioned something that made me remember and think that I should check in on them!

Overall I'm feeling pretty good about how much I have been able to check off that list.

1. Make and consume 1 Disney inspired cocktails with Stephanie
Done!! We didn't do it on our outfit day since we still haven't had our outfit day but Stephanie surprised me by bringing the makings for the Dory cocktail to my birthday.

2. Make homemade spaetzle and wienerschnitzel for my family
I've ordered a simple spaetzle maker (woo 6.99 & I had an amazon giftcard!) so now to figure out a dinner date with the family.

3.  Spring clean the entire condo
We ended up doing some cleaning when we had people over for my birthday but it wasn't as hardcore as I wanted. Hoping we can still fit that in. 

4. Have my full on spa day (I've earned almost all of the money for it!)
DONE!!!!!!!! That day was amazing.

5. Work on designing and printing the birthday & anniversary cards
I've had a couple people look them over and I'm just waiting on some of my graphic design friends for their critiques then I can have them printed. Almost there with those!

6. Spend a day working on the family ancestry stuff
Haven't done this.

7. Write, write, write. 
yeah not so much. I've really been slacking on that as you can tell. I've got a ton of great ideas on the back burner I just need to sit down and write.

8. Spend an hour each week scheduling blog social media. Spend an hour each week scheduling Pampered Chef social media. 
Yeah nope haha.

Overall I feel like I'm doing well with these goals. I've got almost half complete. Although not the ones I really wanted to get done haha. There is still time until June 21 so I'll have to put nose to grindstone and really get things done. 

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