Musings of a Museum Fanatic: September 2016


The Schmidt Family Reunion

One of the parts of summer that I look forward to most is that first weekend in August and going to the Schmidt Family Reunion. We usually are all over, like 2013 in Boston but the past few years we've been up outside of Ely, MN. I know it's been a while since the beginning of August (not sure how it's the end of September) but I've been working hard since the reunion to scan the photos from previous reunions. Since there are about 300 photos in each of the three albums I've had the reunion on my mind for a while!

Kevin, Mom and I road tripped up. Kevin was pretty awesome and drove the whole way there and back.

As you can tell there was a lot of singing and drinking pretty early on in the weekend. What can we say it's how we roll. It's pretty ridiculous how easily Kevin fits in with the family sometimes!

That's pretty much what we do ... drink, sing, eat and talk. There are also some yard games thrown in there as well but lots of singing and drinking.

Kevin, cousin in law Jeff and I got the chance to take the boat out for a little fishing. I think that was the Northern Pike I caught ... even if it's not we'll say it is. Shh! Don't tell Kevin.

I wish I could blow the panoramic up more for you because it's so awesome and it doesn't do it justice!

It's sad that the summer is over and we have to wait 11 months until the next Schmidt Family Reunion but until then I can enjoy looking through the photos I'm scanning and all the fun photos from this year!


Details of Union Station Chicago

It's funny how some places you can go in and out of dozens of times and never stop to really look at. I know for lots of people Union Station is one of those places. With not having to go through the original part of the building anymore I bet there are tons of people who don't even get to see the beauty just a couple hundred feet away.

When I met up with Mom and Bethany of few weeks ago to go to Girl and the Goat I had about an hour before their train got in. I decided that was a great time too enjoy my surroundings and take a few pictures of the beautiful detail work.

Next time you visit Union Station Chicago be sure take some time and enjoy the beautiful architecture!


Fall 2016 Goals

Life According to Steph

It seems like just yesterday that I made myself my summer goals list. Looking back I actually feel pretty good about how much I got done from that list and my 101 list this summer! I always feel like I can do more on the cleaning and organization list items but it can be difficult with life and what's going on.

Here are my seven goals for the fall. I feel like setting these I can accomplish all of them this time and really be successful this fall!

1. Complete the 60-day challenge

2. Finish cooking one thing out of my comfort zone from each Pinterest board.

3. Make 10 past posts Pinterest friendly

4. Have gifts planned for the 2016-2017 gift season (9/1/2017) listed out for everyone.

5. Secret Goal

6. Get Pampered Chef business materials & products organized.

7. Complete one 101 list item in the three sections where I haven't checked off any (Organize, Blog, Finances)

What are your fall goals? Join the link up!


Girl & The Goat

On the quest to conquer iconic Chicago restaurants that I've never been to the one I thought would be the most difficult would be Girl & The Goat. I had always heard how since it opened in 2010 it's always super difficult to get a reservation. When Mom, Bethany and I finally came up with a date for our ladies night out I definitely stalked the online reservation maker and was able to score us a 4:30 pm reservation on our date! It must be said that I made the August reservation in June.

We had all summer to get excited about our dinner out and we definitely were super excited! It seemed like all of a sudden it was the end of August and I was on the train downtown for our ladies dinner.

After a leisurely walk from Union Station to the West Loop and a bit of a mix up with our directions we were finally there! The menu at Girl & The Goat is set up to be smaller plates shared among the table, this was perfect for us since we wanted to share everything!

First up we ordered some of the house baked bread. Bethany and I had done our research and everyone always talked about how you had to order one of the breads, it didn't matter which but you need to order it. We decided on the Johnny Applecheese bread, accompanied by a chili cheese butter and malt oil. OH my gosh it was so good. The bread was warm and toasty so the cheese butter just melted into it. It was divine.

Next up we decided that the squash blossom crab rangoon was a must have. We were definitely happy we did. The filling was smooth and rich while the crunch of the blossom and toppings made the whole thing perfect.

When you visit Girl & The Goat you really do have to have goat. It's kinda their thing. Since none of us had ever had goat before we went with what we thought would be goat with training wheels, the goat empanadas. Mom and I thought the strawberries were a bit odd with them but the flavors together were all really good.  

As far as sides go we went with the wood grilled broccoli and the chickpea fritters. Not gonna lie these were not our favorite dishes of the evening. For me the broccoli pieces that were too charred were too much for me. I'm not a fan of anything too charred. Fritters were alright as well. We enjoyed the meat and seafood dished much more.  

The kalbi beef ribs and the pan roasted halibut rounded out our evening meal. The ribs were insane. I think that was the best dish of the evening. They literally melted in your mouth they were so incredibly tender. I would go back for those every week. Halibut was perfectly cooked and I really enjoyed the sauces with it.

Overall the meal was delicious and we had a wonderful ladies night out! Now to try Stephanie Izard's other goat inspired restaurants!