Musings of a Museum Fanatic: New Harvest Menu at Pheasant Run


New Harvest Menu at Pheasant Run

One of my favorite parts of dining out is the chance to enjoy new meals and new dishes. Last year I got the chance to enjoy special wine pairing and beer pairing meals at Harvest Restaurant at Pheasant Run Resort so when they invited me back to the reception for the new revamped menu I was really excited. Kevin stayed home sick that day and was quite bummed out that he couldn't join in the fun of the evening but I quickly made new friends, David and Linda. They were a hoot and enjoyed the evening a lot as well. 

The new menu showcases Chef Tiffany Tooker's passion for not only farm to table but also using as local as she can farms. Ingredients such as herbs, honey and produce come from the St. Charles Heritage Prairie Farm, being only 8 miles from the resort I'm not sure in the Chicago suburbs you could really get any closer! The beef and pork come from the Rochelle, IL based Joslyn Farms. Chef Tiffany truly is showing what it's like to live locally and farm to table. 

First up we enjoyed the new appetizers from the menu in a lovely passed fashion. I really enjoyed the truffle mac and cheese. There were mushrooms in it which as we know are not my favorite things but they were large enough for me to avoid. The lamb lollipops were so tender it almost fell off the bone. I'm not sure if I've ever had lamb before but I will definitely be having it again. There were also some unique appetizers like the trio of deviled eggs and the charcuterie tray. 

Next we moved into the dining room where the new entrees were set up for everyone to get a good look at the lovely plating. 

We got to try small plates of six of the new entrees paired with wine. As we all know I'm not a huge wine person but my new friend David was definitely a wine person. He was definitely a fan of the wines that were paired with the entrees. Chef Tiffany is not a fan of oakey wines so most of the wines served are not aged in oak barrels. There are also several wines that are specially made for Harvest. The two I enjoyed the most were Pheasant Run Tiffany’s Toast Chardonnay and Pheasant Run Longtail White. Probably the Longtail White being the ultimate favorite. 

As you can see all of the entrees that we sampled were mouth watering. I think my favorites of the bunch were the filet and the pastry wrapped meatloaf (first and last entree photos). That filet just melted in your mouth it was ridiculous. Again with the mushrooms but the parts of the sauces I got without them was delicious as well. Really everything we tasted was good and I'd have any of those entrees again. Probably need to visit again to try the new menu since Kevin was only able to look on the pictures hungrily.

As delicious as everything was dessert is really where it's at. While yes there were yummy things like a key lime cheese cake and red velvet waffles. Those pale in comparison to the warm ooey gooey sinful deep fried Oreos. I cannot tell you how amazing it was. The Oreo was just melted in what we decided was a funnel cake batter. Normally I wouldn't go for a cappuccino ice cream but when eaten in the same bite with the Oreo the bitter coffee flavor melted away and you were left with gooey, cool and sweet deliciousness. Run to Harvest now for this dessert.

While the food is always a reason to head to a restaurant for me the reason to return is the wonderful service that is shown at Harvest. Our server was the same that Kevin and I had on our previous visits so who would have thought she'd remember me but she did. Also Chef Tiffany remembered that I was a blogger who had visited in the past. Both of these instances show to me that they are all about making every person's visit special. The new menu is fantastic and I highly recommend you take some time and head to Harvest. Go now!

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