Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Winter 2016 Goals


Winter 2016 Goals

Life According to Steph

Well I'm not gonna lie. I didn't do so well on my fall goals. I worked on all of the goals but wasn't able to totally complete any of them. Life has just been hella busy the past month. As you can tell since it's been more than a couple days since my last post! Which I totally hate and that won't be going on anymore.

So let's rock out our winter goals! Winter is the perfect time to get lots done (at least in the Chicago area) since you don't want to go outside and do anything, it's all about hunkering down inside and getting shit accomplished.

1. Secret Goal

2. Three professional informational interviews

3. One Blog webinar

4. Check three items off my 101 list

5. Accomplish all of my blog day to do list

6. Complete 10 tasks from the 60 Day Challenge

7. Apply for three to four paid blog opportunities

Bring it on winter!!!!

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