Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Gifts for the Lady in your Life with UncommonGoods


Gifts for the Lady in your Life with UncommonGoods

**I have been compensated to write a post about UncommonGoods but all opinions are my own**

Buying gifts for the lady in your life can be difficult sometimes. I know that Kevin has issues with that lately. In the recent years I've really tried to cut back on the "stuff" in our home in addition to that the stuff I do add I have gotten pickier about. Is it something interesting? Is it something I can use? Is it something unique? Plus I know I’m somewhat the type to just go out and get the item if I really want it and it’s not to pricey.

Yup this can make it quite a task to find a gift that would be good I realize. That’s why I love UncommonGoods.

If you’re not familiar with UncommonGoods their mission is this … 
For more on their mission and what they focus on to achieve it check out the Mission section of their website.

Now that you've checked out all the awesome things they stand for and what a great company UncommonGoods is, it's time to check out the goods!! They've made gift giving a little simpler too, with sharing a bunch of different ideas for the ladies in your life. I thought I would make it easy for Kevin and pick from a couple of the different collections. Why direct them to the right company only to have them get the wrong gift?!

Starting off I wanted to give him some ideas for An Uncommon Anniversary. I know I know we're planning on our big trip for our anniversary but that doesn't mean I don't want him to get me a nice little gift too! Alright so maybe I'm already thinking of an anniversary gift for next year ... either way I picked a few that stood out to me and would make for an Uncommon Anniversary gift. For me I think personalizing something makes a wonderful anniversary gift.

Ok so I realize that not everyone is celebrating an anniversary. Maybe you don't even need a gift for an actual occasion but just want to get Gifts for the Lady in Your Life, your mom, your best friend, really any of the ladies in your life. UncommonGoods has a collection for that. We all know I love my food so I thought sharing some of the fantastic food related gifts from that collection would be perfect. Food type gifts are great for people who have everything and don't want more stuff in their house.

So I've covered our anniversary and the other ladies in your life now it's time for the husband to make sure that Happy Wife Happy Life. He always is just surprising me with something cute or something neat and useful. UncommonGoods has tons of gift suggestions when you need something unique to surprise your wife with. Someone make sure to show Kevin the truffle kit! Really show Kevin the entire post.  ; ) I mean come on my birthday isn't that far away ...

All of these fun and unique products are just a really small chunk of what UncommonGoods offers. If you can't find a gift for the lady in your life for every occasion I would be astounded. They don't just have collections for women there are tons of suggestions for the men in your life as well. I'm off to go drop a few well placed hints to Kevin for my birthday. I'm pretty sure he'd go with the food kits. Who wouldn't want to enjoy some homemade truffles?!

What neat gift would you want from UncommonGoods?

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