Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Spring Goals 2017


Spring Goals 2017

Life According to Steph

Time is still flying by in 2017. It's time for another set of goals! First off a recap from my winter goals. Overall I feel really good about how much I was able to accomplish even though I didn't cross them all off my list. Since we have a big trip at the end of April and I'm going to be taking a five week class this spring I thought I would have my goals be smaller and more achievable with everything I have going on. 

Winter Goals

1. Secret Goal
I sort of accomplished this task. It's an ongoing one and I worked on accomplishing it when I was able to. There are circumstances outside of my control that are hindering me at the moment from completing it. I will complete it though!

2. Three professional informational interviews
I was able to have two of the three. With the holidays it was hard to find free time with people but I do have one scheduled for later this month! It was great chatting with people in my profession, I was able to see what other institutions are doing and even get some great ideas to bring back to mine.

3. One Blog webinar
I was an over achiever with this task, got two done!

4. Check three items off my 101 list
This is also one I overachieved. I was working so hard in December that I ended up crossing four off in Decemeber and January.

5. Accomplish all of my blog day to do list
Don't remember if I got everything checked off the list ... I'm sure Stephanie will let me know either way : )

6. Complete 10 tasks from the 60 Day Challenge
This is the one task that I totally failed at. Didn't get a single one crossed off.

7. Apply for three to four paid blog opportunities

Spring Goals 

1. Secret Goal
2. Have posts written & scheduled for during our London trip
3. Write at least 5 posts after our London trip
4. Check of two 101 List items
5. Donate two boxes of stuff
6. Convert the rest of my WVUR cassettes
7. Figure out if there are family history sheets on the Ancestry online version
8. Clean my car 

Most of these are pretty simple and there are several I know I can automate while I'm doing other work. Just have to make sure I do it!

What are your goals for the spring?

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