Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Summer Goooaaaaaals


Summer Goooaaaaaals

I feel really good about how much I accomplished this spring. Didn't check everything off the list but I did get a decent amount accomplished. Enough to not feel guilty about what I didn't get checked off!! Bring it on summer let's go.

Spring Goals
1. Secret Goal
Fail. I have no control over it really so it's not really my fault unfortunately. Going back on the list.

2. Have posts written & scheduled for during our London trip
Boom accomplished! I'm actually hella proud I accomplished this one haha.

3. Write at least 5 posts after our London trip
Another one checked off the list!

4. Check of two 101 List items

5. Donate two boxes of stuff
I got one really large box ready to go. I just need to deliver it. Totally still going to count this as done haha.

6. Convert the rest of my WVUR cassettes
Fail. Total fail. Haven't even done one in forever.

7. Figure out if there are family history sheets on the Ancestry online version
So it looks like this feature is only still Family Tree Maker. They still make it so I'm trying to figure out the ins and outs of this and how it connects to Ancestry. So I accomplished this goal but have now added more work for myself in other areas!

8. Clean my car 
You don't even want to see how bad it still looks haha. This will be going back on the list because it just needs to get done

Summer Goals 

1. Write & schedule blog posts
2. Plan out what 101 list items I can and need to finish up.
3. Cross 3 101 list items off
4. Clean my car out
5. Work on blog proposal for archival company
6. Secret Goal
7. Work on professional portfolio website

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