Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Fall Goals


Fall Goals

How is it possible that it's already the second to last week in September? I feel like that's impossible. Yet here we are another season put to bed and another round of goals done. 

Looking back I did OK at my summer goals. Let's take a look. 

1. Write & schedule blog posts
Surprisingly I did really good at this one. I got a lot of posts written and scheduled throughout the summer. I haven't gotten myself super ahead like I had planned on but I feel good about the momentum I've been able to get and I'm working to keep it up.

2. Plan out what 101 list items I can and need to finish up.
Did this is in more of a mental way nothing concrete so it will continue to be worked on.

3. Cross 3 101 list items off
Had to actually look back! I did officially fully cross off three things off my list. There are a bunch that I made some good progress on but haven't fully completed yet so I'm going to work on continuing that this fall.

4. Clean my car out
I started doing so well with cleaning out my car. Then I hit the trunk and kinda fizzled. Although as I sit and write this I still technically have a couple of days where I can get it accomplished so I might try and get this one crossed off!

5. Work on blog proposal for archival company
Nope, need to work on this.

6. Secret Goal
I did a decent amount on this goal. Not quite as much as I could have but it's a work in progress type of goal so until it's done I'm going to plug along.

7. Work on professional portfolio website
I did nothing on this one. I thought about how I should work on it many times but haven't set aside any real time to work on it.

Overall I didn't do terrible on the summer goals. I know it wasn't my most productive season but it was productive in other ways! Now it's time for another season and another set of goals. What are your big goals for this season?

1. Secret goal
2. Cross off 4 101 list items
3. Plan long Chicago weekend staycation with Kevin
4. Write & schedule blog posts
5.  Finish up my WVUR cassette tape project
6. Work on a blog calendar for 2018
7.  Plan out what 101 list items I can and need to finish up.

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