Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Three for all


Three for all

I cam across this post from Emily over at Emily Kay and I had to do one myself. It's such a fun idea to tell things about yourself in threes! She has a couple things I wouldn't have thought to share and enjoyed seeing. It gives you a little more look than just giving one answer. I hope to see your answers to some of these questions and be sure to check out Emily's threes!

Favorite foods 
Ice cream
Grandma's mac & cheese casserole

Things I'd never give up 
Ice cream
My phone

Favorite cocktails 
Vodka Sprite with a splash of grenadine
Anything fruity

Favorite movies 
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Star Wars
Sleeping Beauty

Simple pleasures in life 
Changing into comfy clothes after work
When my nephew is excited to see me and runs up to hug me
Hugs from my husband

Always in my car 
Phone charger
My 2000s style CD holder

Always with me 
My phone
A mini notepad

Things I regret not doing
Not just getting a place with Jackie & making it work
Not figuring out what I wanted to do with my career and just going at it full force sooner
Not going abroad for an entire semester

Most recent places I've traveled
Porter, IN
Lake Geneva, WI

Most often used makeup products 
Eye shadow chubby stick

Things that make me cry 
My dad
Sad internet videos
Sappy Christmas movies

Things that make me smile or laugh 
Silly animal videos
My nephew & niece
My friends

Travel wish list inside the US 
San Francisco

Travel wish list outside the US 
African safari

Blessings in my life 
My family
My friends
That I am well loved

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