Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Fall Goals Check In


Fall Goals Check In

It's hard to believe that the fall is partially over and it feels like Halloween just happened. This past year I've been trying hard to change certain aspects of my life and since that change hasn't been happening like I hoped it's seems that time is just flying by.

I thought since we're about part way through it would be a good time to check on my Fall goals aka remind myself what they are so I don't forget and can actually check some off!!

1. Secret goal
In progress ... SLOOOOOOOW progress but progress. This is that change I was hoping to have made already but just isn't happening.

2. Cross off 4 101 list items
I crossed off 1! I'm working my little heart out on the cassette project so when that's complete it will be two. Have to figure out the other two I can cross off and just do it.

3. Plan long Chicago weekend staycation with Kevin
We've got our hotel booked for the long weekend right before Christmas. I have yet to sit down and think about what fun we can have during the day but I've got some ideas. I think it might include Blue Man Group we've been wanting to see them for years. Since this fall has been insanely busy I haven't had a chance to think of some great restaurants to visit but I'm sure I will or we'll just fly by the seat of our pants.

4. Write & schedule blog posts
UGH! Putting fingers to keyboard in a timely manner always seems to be the bane of my existence. I get a little bit ahead then life rears it's ugly head and I'm back at square one. I will endeavor to do better with this one constantly.

5.  Finish up my WVUR cassette tape project
See number 2

6. Work on a blog calendar for 2018
I've started to ponder what is in store for 2018 but haven't thought too much. Stephanie and I have a blog day coming up soon so I think I'll take some time to work on the calendar during that day.

7.  Plan out what 101 list items I can and need to finish up.
I've thought about a couple of the list items I think I can finish up but haven't really gotten a solid plan. 

Overall I feel alright about where I'm at with my goals this season. I feel if nothing else I'm working towards all of the goals which is better than some seasons when I get part way though and I'm like crap I totally forgot about that one. How are your goals progressing this fall?

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