Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Things I Don't Get About People


Things I Don't Get About People

People are interesting creatures. We do all sorts of weird, ridiculous and sometimes not so nice things. Here are something I just don't understand about people.

- Why people in America don't understand that you walk, drive, stand on the right side! This is not rocket science people this should not be an issue anymore.

- Why when someone tells you something that's not very pleasant about yourself, like the fact that you interrupt people and finish their stories all the time and it's rude, said person is just like meh I know. I'm pretty sure if you're being rude then you should work on this.

- Why some people feel the need to post every single photo they've taken at an event or about something. Seriously one of the 5 that look exactly alike will do and no one needs to see that blurry image.

- Why some people play favorites with their kids and are not discreet about it at all. Not cool.

- Why people will stop talking to family members about some perceived slight on Facebook. Seriously this happened and it's ridiculous.

- Why people talk on the phone in the bathroom? Gross.

What are some of the things you don't get about people?

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