Musings of a Museum Fanatic: Top Picks from the Disney Friends & Family Sale


Top Picks from the Disney Friends & Family Sale

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Right now everyone is all about the Nordstrom's Sale. Audrey at Putting Me Together is sharing her picks and my Chicago gal Jennifer at Style Charade is already sharing what she was able to pick up for a great price. While everyone seems to be all about the Nordstrom's sale I'm over here all excited for the Disney Friends & Family sale!! Don't wait since it's ending today!!!

Sleeping Beauty is by far my favorite Disney princess so of course that was the first thing I searched during the sale. I'm definitely biased in favor of the blue outfit. Why they don't put her in it more I'll never understand. So I'm totally in love with the figurine that showcases the back and forth. You can't go wrong with a cute Disney top. The cold shoulder is only available in an XS for Sleeping Beauty but you can totally find all the other princesses in the fun cold shoulder top.

The past few years Disney has really stepped up their offerings for adults. I love how many different bags they have now! There are totes, purses, suitcases and everything in between. I love the little lunch set. As someone who takes their lunch to work almost every day this is so much fun! You don't ever need to worry about utensils.
Since I've been trying to cut down on the stuff that comes into my house I've focused on certain fun but practical things. This has come in the form of fun socks. I've always loved fun socks but I've focused on that as my thing like when we go on trips that's my souvenir of choice or a fun splurge. It was tough to pick my three favorites since there were so many cute pairs. these guys are definitely a good addition to any Disney fanatic's wardrobe.
Even though Sleeping Beauty is my number one favorite Minnie always has a special place in my heart. That bow pillow is my new favorite thing. I'm pretty sure Kevin would love it right? There is a whole line of fabulous summer dresses. I thought the Minnie Hawaiian themed dress is the perfect pick but there are so many cute ones to pick from.
Last but not least I've got my adulting picks aka the kitchen picks. You could really outfit most if not all of your kitchen in Disney themed items. From toasters to your table linens! Found this Beauty and the Beast themed table runner. It's that perfect subtle Disney. If you want to go a little more obvious there is the fun sandwich press. Couple that with the lunch box above and it will be the coolest lunch at work!

Don't walk run to your computer or local Disney store since today is the last day of the sale! What would be on your Disney list?

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