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Aquamermaid Swimming Class

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I'm pretty sure there isn't a girl out there that hasn't dreamed of being a mermaid. Growing up I can remember spending time every summer at my cousin's house. She had an in ground pool. We used to put the pool rings around our ankles and pretend that we were mermaids. We even would make up silly words for things like Ariel did in The Little Mermaid. Boy did we ever want to be mermaids!

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

Even though I'm an adult the idea of being a mermaid still is in the back of my head. A couple years ago I heard about AquaMermaid. I thought it was the coolest idea. Then I saw some of the ladies who teach and are in the class show us some moves at the Chicagogrammers 2nd Birthday last summer and I knew I had to take the class. So I added it to my next 101 list and finally I got to check it off the 101 list and my life bucket list. 

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

AquaMermaid has a bunch of locations throughout North America and even a location in the United Arab Emirates. Here in Chicago they swim out of the University of Illinois Chicago at one of their pools. I took my excited self downtown and prepared for my class. There are classes for kids and kids at heart (aka adults). You can also host a kids birthday party or adult parties through them as well. There was a bachelorette party going on at the same time as the weekly class. Their class started a little bit before ours so I got the chance to check out a little bit. It seemed to follow a similar pattern but it looked like at some point they were doing synchronized swimming things around the bride. 

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

Putting on the fins was interesting. I didn't realize that the bottom was a flat plastic piece similar to flippers. It was like being in a large pair of nylons but ones that went up half your body haha. We jumped well more like slid right into the water. I thought that it would be hard to stand with the tail and my feet together but having the feet in the fin part actually really helped balance. 

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

We started the class learning some basic tail movements while holding on to the wall. This really helped you get used to moving your legs with the extra fin on your feet. I found out that I was much better doing the movement when I was on my face and need to still work on the movements when I'm on my back. Pardon my drowned rat look in the following video but look at how natural of a mermaid I look like after only an hour!

We learned how to do moves like the mermaid curl underwater. You sort of plunk yourself down in the water and then do a sideways roll. Another move I wasn't the best at. One move I totally rocked was the handstand. This was a move I would do all the time growing up! A lot of people found the extra weight of the tail out of water would unbalance them but I thought that it actually helped me balance more. 

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

The hour long class was quite a good workout! I definitely felt like I had worked out but it didn't feel like it since we were having fun the whole time. Our teacher was great. We were a small group of four but she really took time with each of us throughout the class to make sure we were getting moves and having a good time. I really enjoyed the entire experience. Plus they build in time into the class to have a fabulous 5 minute mermaid photo shoot. Let's be honest if we're going to try out something like this we all want to show it off to the world right? It was so much fun! I love the idea of coming back with a group of friends and taking a class or having our own private party. Cannot wait for my next AquaMermaid experience!

Aquamermaid Swimming Class by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #Chicago #101in1001

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