Musings of a Museum Fanatic: December 2020


7 Ways to Cope With Change

We almost made it to 2021! I never thought a new year would get here. 2020 was a year full of change for all of us, whether we had personal changes happening or it was just the craziness with the pandemic there was a lot of change. 

I consider myself to be a flexible person overall but when it comes to big changes in our life that can be hard to cope with no matter you you are. At the end of 2020 there were some big potential changes that took me by surprise and it was really tough to deal with them. They are still going on but I'm working to better set myself up mentally and physically to handle them. 

7 Ways to Cope With Change by Musings of a Museum Fanatic #change #improving #life

Acknowledge that change always happens
No matter how much we try to avoid change by putting up walls or trying to put rigid routines in our life there will always be change. I mean look at 2020. Who ever thought that plans like the every Friday date night movie out or meeting up with friends for dinner out type of thing would be completely non-existent? Change is going to happen to us whether we invite it in to our lives or not. 

Acknowledge the change
This is something that can be really uncomfortable for some people, myself included. If something makes me stressed or uncomfortable I try to avoid it. I try to not think about it or if it's a person avoid them. This is definitely not helpful or healthy. Acknowledging the change or the potential change will help you work towards not feeling so upset or stressed about it. 

Connect with your support
Doing anything alone can be a bummer but when you're working through a big change it can be excruciating. You're alone in your thoughts about this change and potentially over reacting. When the big change was starting last year I didn't talk about it with anyone outside of my immediate family for several weeks which made it really tough. As soon as I opened up to a couple of my close friends it made me feel much better. Even if they can't do anything having your support people there to reassure you that you're not alone in the situation can make a huge difference. 

Don't let the stress overtake you
I've learned over the years that super stress tends to manifest itself in my stomach. My stomach gets all tied up in knots before I realized that this was my stress reaction it could prevent me from eating for days. One time I even lost 8 lbs. in a week I could barely eat. Letting stress overtake me during that time of change like that was terrible. Since then I've worked on developing methods that help me tackle the stress and anxiety. What helps you tackle super stress change moments?

Don't vent too much
Venting to our support people can be super helpful but if we keep on venting over and over again it can become a bad thing. Venting without thinking about and talking through solutions won't help you through the change. It will only keep you stuck in the bad mindset. Make sure when you're venting to your people that you also switch over to that solution mindset. 

Think positively
Thinking positively is an extension of getting into that solution mindset. Even if all we can see at the moment is the big bad change that has us so upset and stressed there is always something positive about it. By focusing on that positive aspect the big bad change might not feel so big and bad either. Good things tend to have a way of softening something. 

Keep your routine
When parts of our life feel out of our control because they're changing it can be important to keep other parts routine. This will help you feel steady and not feel like your entire life is out of control. Maybe you eat breakfast at a certain time or always call your mom right after work. Make sure to keep the routine going so it helps anchor your life. 

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7 Tips on How To Survive A Shopping Ban

Since we've been cooped up in the house so much I've found myself doing way more than the normal amount of online window shopping. 

Unfortunately the window shopping has turned into actual buying. Nothing over budget but I've got way more scrapbooking supplies than I'll need to make dozens of scrapbooks! Anyone else doing more than their fair share of online buying lately?  For a lot of this time of year tends to be pretty spending heavy all around. 

A shopping ban can help you improve your finances and flex your saying no muscle when it comes to shopping. It will also help not bring more stuff into your house. 

I'm going to be kicking off my new 101 list and the new year with a scrapbook shopping ban. Are you starting off your year with a shopping ban??

Unsubscribe from store emails
One of my biggest weaknesses with scrapbook supplies or really anything is a good deal. Where do I find out about the good deals? Emails. I've been unsubscribing from emails to cut down on my email clutter but it's also had another effect. I'm not seeing all of the annoying sales that I just feel like I need to take advantage of. 

Avoid stores
Maybe you're not an online shopper but can't resist whenever you're in the store. This is an easy one ... don't go in that store! It might be tough with stores like Target where you're potentially going in for necessities but specialty stores are much easier to avoid. No one actually NEEDS more craft supplies or another Pandora charm no matter what excuse I give to Kevin. 

Set a goal
When you start your shopping ban it's good to set a goal. Mine is to not spend money on craft supplies for 9 nonconsecutive months not including adhesives. I'm going to start off by just going for one month and potentially expanding to two months in a row. By setting this small goal of one month I'm able to focus and buckle down for that set time. 

Maybe for you the goal is only spend $50 in the next 6 months on clothes or something monetary. Either way setting the goal will set you up for success when it comes to your shopping ban.  

Let people know
Like most things in life it's must easier to be successful when you've got a good support team in place. When it comes to your shopping ban letting your significant other, family and friends know is important. Maybe you always go shopping with your mom and she encourages you to buy things you like. Maybe you've got a loving husband who always says go ahead and spend $15 on your hobby since it's not that much. 

Letting those people in your life know that you are working on a shopping ban will hopefully change how they interact with you in regards to shopping. Let the husband know you're not spending anything on your hobby so instead of encouraging the small purchase he'll encourage you to be strong with your not spending. 

Make a wish list for later 
So much of impulse buying is because it's exciting and right there. If you think you really want something add it to your wish list for after your ban. If it's something that you really want you'll still want it after the ban and will budget to buy it. If it's not something you really wanted then you'll just take it off the list. 

Rediscover your stuff
I think we sometimes feel like we don't have a certain item and feel like we have to buy a new one. Sometimes we have so much stuff we don't realize what we do or don't have. While I haven't officially started the scrapbook shopping ban I've been working on cleaning up and going through all my supplies. There are quite a few items I've found that I didn't realize I had! 

Maybe you're a clothes shopper, take some time and look through your closet. Checking for items to use and wear while you're on a ban can make purchases you've already made go much farther. 

Use up gift cards
When Kevin and I did an eating out ban a couple years ago we pulled together all of our restaurant gift cards. We decided that if we had a gift card to cover the cost then it was ok since it was not coming out of our pockets which was the point of the ban. Maybe for your ban you want to cut out all types of shopping so the gift cards aren't allowed. 

If you're ok with gift cards I would recommend thinking ahead when it comes to gift giving holidays. I know I'm going to be on the ban so this year for Christmas I've put gift cards to some of my favorite scrapbook places on my gift idea list for people. 

Focus your attention on other things
Instead of spending time looking through cute scrapbook supplies online I'm going to focus on actually creating with them! Trying not to clothing shop? Spend time focusing on a home update. Whatever you're trying to not spend money on use the time you'd be shopping to work on a hobby or other areas you want to accomplish things in. 

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7 Things to Do at the Beginning of Every Month

7 Things to Do at the Beginning of Every Month by Musings of a Museum Fanatic

The beginning of the month seems to be arriving at lightening speed this year. It can be really easy to let the months meld into each other and not have yourself together for the next month. 

It's good to use the month end to tie up the loose ends of the previous month and put yourself together for a successful new month. Heading into a new month stressed out and unorganized can really mess with the rest of your month. 

Here are 7 things I do to set myself up for a productive, as smooth as possible and enjoyable month. 

Look at the budget
Every month we should all be looking over our budgets for the new month. While some things on our budget are the same each month we should make sure that the items that are irregular reflect it. Like this time of year we need to make sure our "gifts" line item is reflecting of what we need to budget. Keeping your budget every month is the best way to set your finances up well for the month and the year. 

Clean your refrigerator 
Each week Kevin and I do a quick check to see if any leftover or perishable food needs to be tossed before we put out the garbage. Sometimes there are items that get tucked in the back of the fridge that we miss. In addition to a good clean out I always like to look at all of the jarred items and condiments that we've got tucked everywhere to see if they're expired or have gotten a little fuzzy. 

Set some medium sized goals
It can be tough to get through those large year long goals and sometimes a week isn't enough. Setting monthly goals can be really important for breaking those large goals into more manageable pieces. One of our goals this next month is to not spend any of our allotted fun money. This not only helps for the month but helps our finances for the year.

Clean out your purse
For a long time I would just let things accumulate in my purse, including dirt! It would be a huge chore and I could never find items I needed. Now that I regularly dump out everything and sort through it my purse is much more organized. I make sure that all I keep in my purse is what I need. Since then I don't loose items and my purse is much cleaner. 

Pay your bills
Paying your bills at the beginning of the month sets you up for a clean slate. I know that sometimes you don't have a choice when certain bills are paid but if you can schedule them for the beginning of the month. It's also easier to pay at the beginning of the month because most of us have more money at the beginning of the month. You're getting those important bills taken care of when you've got more money. 

Set up your schedule 
When Kevin and I look at our budget we take time to look at our schedule for the month as well. Finding those events that might need to be included in the budget is a good thing but being on the same page with your schedule for the month is important as well. Take time to put in events you know are going to be happening, like a Zoom call with family on the weekend or making sure your doctor's appointment is in the calendar. 

Deep clean
This one tends to be a more aspirational one for us most months. The months that we do a deep cleaning to start off the month it makes everything feel practically brand new and I can tell a difference in my attitude towards the month. 

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