Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 101 in 1001

101 in 1001

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001.  Spend three weekends at Mom's helping her declutter & organize 

002.  Organize all of the photos from my grandma

003.  Digitize all of the photos from my grandma

004.  Organize my craft supplies

005.  Scan all loose leaf recipes & recipes from cookbooks I don’t need to keep

006.  Put all loose leaf recipes into properly labeled folders on computer

007.  Organize all of my hard copy photos

008.  Have a get rid of 50 items weekend once a year for 3 years


009.  Go on a Chicago Segway Tour     

010.  Take 3 Chicago tours (walking, food, etc.)

■ 011.  Go on a Festa bar crawl ... preferably Mardi Gras one

 012.  Go to a restaurant downtown during Restaurant Week

013.  Eat from a Chicago food truck

014.  Go to 3 big Chicago festivals     

015.  See the Chicago River dyed green

016.  Visit 15 smaller Chicago area museums/historical societies

017.  Eat at 10 iconic Chicago area restaurants    

018.  Attend Open House Chicago each year

■ 019.  Take Kevin on a Chicago brewery tour

Food and Drink

020.  Join a CSA

021.  Get a cupcake from the cupcake vending machine at Sprinkles

022.  Cook one thing I'm scared of from each Pinterest board

023.  Eat a raw tomato

■ 024.  Host a crawfish/lobster low country boil

025.  Have a cook with Jackie day each year

■ 026.  Make bread in my Deep Covered Baker three times

027.  Make and consume 3 Disney inspired cocktails

■ 028.  Make homemade spaetzle

029.  Make 10 freezer meals (8/10)

030.  Pre-cook two weeks worth of breakfasts (sandwiches, oatmeal, muffins you can freeze then reheat)


■ 031.  Go on Splash Mountain at Disney

■ 032.  Make Kevin go with me on a Surrey Bike ride at Disney

■ 033.  Do one Disney cosplay while we're there

034.  Get a photo with each Disney Princess

035.  Watch All Disney films


 036.  Make 75% of Christmas presents one year

037.  Have Mom teach me how to perl

■ 038.  Make a door wreath for 3 different holidays/seasons

039.  Learn how to metal stamp & complete 3 projects

 040.  Make a gallery wall


041.  Have an entire month of blog posts ready to go one month ahead of time

042.  Attend three Windy City Blogger events

043.  Make all of my relevant past posts Pinterest friendly

044.  Host one large giveaway per year on the blog

045.  Get my list of blogs I follow down to the ones I actually read on a daily basis

046.  Comment on the blogs I read at least three times a week for 4 months

047.  Develop and host a link up for one year

048.  Get 3 paid sponsored posts per year

049.  Have a once a year blog day with Stephanie


 050.  Do AncestryDNA

051.  Family tree maker/ancestry something

052.  Update family information binder to bring to family reunion

053.  Visit Tamara & my cousin Dakota in San Francisco

054.  Surprise 10 people I love with homemade treats and a handwritten note (2/10)

055.  Have professional photos taken

056.  Pre-write celebration (birthday, anniversary etc.) cards for close family & friends for one year then send them out as the dates come up

Professional and Clubs

057.  Have two PC shows booked for three months in a row

058.  Go to the Chicago Gamma Phi Christmas party

059.  Perform 3 oral history interviews for the Gamma Phi History committee

060.  Go to 3 local professional organization meetings (CAA, IAM, KDRMA)

■ 061.  Join a board (preferably of a museum)

062.  Figure out my personal best for Pampered Chef (using worksheet) and try to top that in three categories

063.  Organize and digitize Gamma Phi paperwork then add to Google Drive

■ 064.  Do something awesome relating to my job (write a professional article, submit an exhibit for an award, etc.)


065.  Invest in the stock market

066.  Donate to Gamma Phi Beta Foundation each year

067.  Donate to Valparaiso History Department each year

068.  Create a budget

069.  Stick to budget for 3 months

070.  Go on a spending frost for two months each year (2/3)

071.  Earn $600 on Swagbucks during the 1001 days


072.  Read 5 classic books

073.  Read the Harry Potter series

 074.  Watch 4 of Ken's Burns' documentaries

075.  Read 7 books about adulting

076.  Take an intensive French class

077.  Loose and keep off another 20 lbs


■ 078.  Splurge on a spa day (at a really nice spa) for myself

079.  Find a more flattering pair of jeans (signature jeans)

080.  Pull together 15 new head to toe outfits out of my closet. Photograph and print idea photos

081.  Have color analysis done

082.  Figure out exactly what make up works best for me and get rid of all the extra products I have

083.  Take stock of my wardrobe, like pull everything out and list everything i own

084.  Decide on what to do next with wardrobe ... attempt capsule, reduce by 1/3

For Fun

085.  Complete 365 Photo Challenge

086.  Attend a Murder Mystery dinner

087.  Go to a gala event

088.  Go on a BIG trip with Kevin

089.  Find and perfect two new, easy day to day signature hair styles

■ 090.  Let Kevin pick something to add to this list and actually do it

091.  Take a quick weekend road trip

092.  Dress up as Bill & Ted with Becky for Halloween

 093.  Get a new mattress

■ 094.  Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

095.  Make two life recap multi media videos

The List

 096.  Help Stephanie complete one item off her 101 list

097.  Cross off 85% of my 101 list

098.  Celebrate finishing up the list and make a new one

Secret Goals

099.  Private Goal

100.  Private Goal

101.  Private Goal


  1. You've got a TON of similar items as me!!

  2. Yes! I'm a year into my 101 in 1001 and I'm continuously checking things off! I love it! I think this weekend you should try making a different flavor of ice cream to start checkin' off #31!

    Check out my list here & challenge me to complete one :)

  3. This is a great list! I'm still working on mine...goal #1...finish my 101 in 1001 list. :-D Visiting via the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop. Happy New Year! Cheers!

  4. awesome list. I just may have to do this.