Musings of a Museum Fanatic: 101 in 1001

101 in 1001

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001.  Finish 5 items off my old 101 list

002.  Write a complete list of companies I want to pitch to and pitch to 10

003.  Have 6 blog weekend with Stephanie

004.  Update media kit every 6 months

005.  Have 5 posts pre-scheduled per month for one year

006. Focus on a social media platform 3 months at a time each year (Focusing on instagram means: post daily, promote hashtag, fine 10 new accounts to follow

007.  Improve the blog in one major way

008.  Take a course on how to use a DSLR camera

■ 009.  Pitch to 50% of the restaurants + desserts for free in exchange for a blog post

 010.  Develop hashtag lists for common photos I post so I can just copy those each time

■ 011.  Work my way through the Genius Bloggers toolkit


 012.  Conquer all 50 desserts

013.  Enjoy 10 rooftop bars

014.  Take a helicopter ride over Chicago   

015.  Create a Chicago Top 50 Bucket list

016.  Take a Water Taxi

017.  Eat at every German restaurant in the Chicagoland area   

018.  Experience three new Chicago ethnic neighborhoods

■ 019.  Visit 10 Chicago area museums I’ve never visited before

■ 020.  Do Metra Bar crawl


021.  Make a card with Cricut for someone in my life once a month just because

022.  Roast chestnuts

023.  Cook 50 new Pampered Chef recipes

■ 024.  Have at least one meal per week with no meat

025.  Knit 5 crescent dish rags for Gamma Phi sisters

■ 026.  Create an over-sized backyard game with Bill for the WI house

027.  Do a photo video recap of each year

■ 028.  Learn to make 5 new dishes that I love (i.e. naan from scratch)

029.  Finish three scrapbooks

Family and Friends

■ 030.  Use up everything in my gift drawer

■ 031.  Send out virtual Christmas, birthday, anniversary and other occasion cards each year

■ 032. Write down family recipes

■ 033.  Have a Lane day once a year

034.  Have a ladies’ thing once a quarter with Mom & Bethany (dinner, fun event, etc.)

035.  Have brunch/lunch with Rachel once a quarter

 036.  Get together with Becky once a quarter

 037.  Dinner at table with Kevin twice a week WITHOUT distractions

 038.  Do a making thing with Jackie once a year (ie mosaics, etc.)

 039.  Host one get together once a year

Finances and Adulting

 040.  Save up 7k in our travel fund

041.  Take care of three Dad related things (transferring Ancestry account, etc)

042.  Pay off at least half of both of our cars

043.  Double the amount of our investable assets

044.  Complete taxes in February each year

045.  Go without eating out for a month

046.  Create important documents like a will, power of attorney, etc

047.  Figure out where to live next


 048.  Do every puzzle we own

 049.  Attend a live taping of Judge Mathis

 050.  Read all the books in the O’Malley Saga by Bertrice Small

051.  Kick Stephanie’s butt at Disney music trivia

052.  Do three things within walking distance of our condo (i.e. Lynfryd winery tasting, Roselle fest, etc.)

053.  Read 10 books just because I'm interested in them

054.  Go mermaid swimming

055.  Participate in Disney bar trivia night

056.  Go to drive in movie

Improve Myself

057.  Track what I’m eating regularly

058.  Track spare time for two weeks each season and fix one time suck

059.  Break a bad habit

060.  Dabble three times

■ 061.  Complete a 5k walk each year

062.  Watch a Ted talk per week

063.  Invest in myself

■ 064.  Take two classes at the local community college

■ 065.  Reach my daily step goal at least three days per week


066.  Organize my childhood photos (birth-high school)

067.  Complete year of organizing

068.  Go through all of my stuff at mom’s house

069.  Go through all of Dad’s records and pull the ones I want to keep

070.  Stop treating my car like a storage space

071.  Keep All Mail in each of my emails under 500

■ 072.  Update my address book, make it a complete address book by adding email addresses and important dates

 073.  Organize my grandmother’s photographs

 074.  Identify and simplify 10 things that stress me out


075.  Apply for SHA (Seminar on Historical Administration) or YNPN cohort

076.  Create my own professional portfolio website

077.  Publish an e-book

 078.  Track my PC expenses and earnings closely for 6 months to see exactly how much I’m making

 079.  Get rid of all of my old Pampered Chef catalogs in a business productive manner (i.e. leave at dentist etc.)

■ 080.  Complete Digital Archive Specialist Certificate program

 081.  Write a professional article

 082.  Apply for and win an award for a professional conference


083.  Secret Stephanie item

084.  Secret #1

■ 085.  Secret #2

 086.  Secret #3


087.  Invest in a new winter coat

088.  Finish my holy grail make up quest

089.  Wardrobe app

■ 090.  Figure out a signature outfit that makes me feel amazing

091.  Invest in three classic must have pieces

092.  Save up money for and have done laser hair removal on two areas

 093.  Paint nails twice a month

■ 094.  Learn three great ways to wear a blanket scarf


 095.  Long weekend trip to Indy & stay in train car at Crown Plaza Downtown Union Station

 096.  Visit Williamsburg, VA

097.  Sit down with Kevin and make our ultimate travel bucket list

098.  Invest in two smaller suitcases for smaller trips

099.  Eat at 1 Triple D restaurant during each trip we take

100.  Visit Charleston, SC

101.  See the Northern Lights


  1. You've got a TON of similar items as me!!

  2. Yes! I'm a year into my 101 in 1001 and I'm continuously checking things off! I love it! I think this weekend you should try making a different flavor of ice cream to start checkin' off #31!

    Check out my list here & challenge me to complete one :)

  3. This is a great list! I'm still working on mine...goal #1...finish my 101 in 1001 list. :-D Visiting via the Let's Be Friends Blog Hop. Happy New Year! Cheers!

  4. awesome list. I just may have to do this.